Friday, February 13, 2009

Pierre Bouvier : Profile and Picture

Profile :
Full Name : Pierre Charles Bouvier
Birth of Date : May 9, 1979
Place of Date : Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Genre : Pop punk, Alternative rock, Punk rock,Pop rock
Instrument :Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums

Biography :
Pierre Bouvier was born in Qebec (9 may 1979). he is very known because he is the lead-singer of a Canadian music group called "Simple Plan".
this band was formed in 1999, by Piere Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Sebastian Lefevre and Jeff Stinco.
Before this band, Pierre played for anothe one, called Reset. that one was only formed by him and Chuck Comeau, who was also a schoolmate.
But they had some problems, and Chuck left the band, so Pierre was alone. Some years after, they meet each other casually, at a rock show, and they decided to form another band, but in this case, with more school friends, such as Sebastian and Jeff. But needed another singer, so they offered David to add to the band, and he accepted.
Nowadays Pierre lives in Qebec, and his wife is Lachelle Farrar and he's now going to be father for first time.
He has four dogs (I don't know their names), and a fish.
He's fauvorite sport is the footbal, but he also like practising basketball, surf or skateboarding.
and he's fauvorite music groups are: good charlotte, blink-182, new found glory, beach boys and BSB.
This is everything I know about this guy. I also would like to say that he's my fauvorite singer, and that his band (simple plan) is my fauvorite band, and twoo weeks ago they gave a concert here in Bilbao, and I was there. It was just unbelievable. have a fun...

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  1. Liindas fotos do pierre, eele é siimplesmente gatããoo. *-*