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Andi Deris : Vocalist in Helloweeon Band

Profile :
Full Name : Andreas Andi Deris
Birth of Date : August 18, 1964
Place of Date : Karlsruhe, Germany
Genre(s) Power metal, Speed metal, Heavy metal, Rock

About Andi Deris :
Since the day he was born, the 18th of August, 1964, in Karlsruhe, Germany, to these very days, Andreas Deris has been devoted to music. As an adolescent, at the age of 15, Andi started singing and had his 1st band, called Paranoid. Two years later, at the age of 17, Andi’s band changed its name to Nameless. Nameless’ drummer was Ralph Maison, who also played with him on his solo albums Come In From The Rain and Done By Mirrors. Ralph has always been a very close friend of Deris, since the 6th grade. Later, approximately at the age of 19, Andi e Ralph got together and formed a band called Kymera, however Ralph had to quit, once he had decided to go to college and no longer had the time to be committed to the band. At that point Costa Zaphiriou joined in to replace Ralph on the drums. Three years after that, in 1987, at the age of 22, Andi and Costa formed the band Pink Cream 69. The band’s 1st line up was: Alfred Koffler, Dennis Ward, Costa Zaphiriou and Andi Deris. The band Pink Cream 69 became famous in Europe, winning 1988’s award "Metal Hammer newcomer" in the Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg in Germany. The result was that the band was offered several deals from record companies, and they finally singed with CBS (Sony Music nowadays). The band’s 1st album, from 1989, called Pink Cream 69, was well accepted by the critics as well as by the audience. They toured Europe for the 1st time with the band White Lion. A year later, in 1990, Pink Cream 69 played in America for the 1st time. They already had a name, and in 1991 their 2nd album came out: "One Size Fits All", firstly issued in Europe and Japan. This album went up to ..1 in the charts of some European countries. In 1992 the band played for the 1st time in Japan, performing 5 concerts that were later used to produce the video "Size it up! Live in Japan". In 1993 the album "Games People Play" came out with a following tour. In 1994, after singing on 3 albums with Pink Cream 69, Andi Deris left the band to face a great challenge: replace Michael Kiske in Helloween, who had left after the controversial album "Chameleon" which hadn’t pleased most of the fans. Andi’s task was tough, yet he bravely managed to accomplish it very well. In 1994 Helloween’s album "Master Of The Rings" gave the band a new life. The album pleased the fans and Andi was seen as a perfect replacement. In 1996, Helloween released the 2nd album with Andi Deris "The Time Of The Oath". An exquisite album about Nostradamus’ prophecies. It was a huge success, selling as the band had never seen before. In 1996 Andi Deris and Helloween played in South America for the 1st time. In Brazil, Helloween played the "Monsters Of Rock" festival on the 24th of August of 1996. The fans and the media saluted Andi Deris. In the same year, the double album and the video "High Live" was released, both recorded on the Spanish and Italian part of the "The Time Of The Oath" tour.This served to prove how competent Deris is on stage. After this long tour, Helloween had a short break and in 1997 Andi Deris focused on his 1st solo album: "Come In From The Rain". On this solo album Andi was able to leave Helloween’s heavy sound a bit aside and experiment with new genres. In the album "Come In From The Rain", besides Andi (vocals and guitar), the line up was: Peter Idera(guitar), Ralph Maison (drums and backing vocals) and Gisbert Royder (bass). After the break, Andi and Helloween came back at full speed in 1998 with "Better Than Raw", a very heavy album, on which Andi could show his great versatility, changing his performing style on several songs, such as "Push", "Handful Of Pain", "Time" and "Revelation". On this last album, Andi had a new experience. Singing a song in latin ("Lavdate Dominvm"). The album was a huge success, followed by a great world tour. In the end of 1998, Helloween performed a special gig in New York. 1999 was a hard working studio year. Andi was along with Helloween cover album "Metal Jukebox" released later that year He also released his 2nd solo album: "Done By Mirrors", which also came out at the end of 1999 only in Japan. It had a different line up from his previous solo album: Don Pupillo (guitar), Gisbert Royder (bass), Ralph Maison (drums and backing vocals) and Andi Deris (vocals and guitar). Done By Mirrors was a pretty different piece of work, with some slow songs as well as some heavy shit. In the beginning of 2000, Deris signed with "Massacre Records" and Done By Mirrors was released in Europe.
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