Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paul Thomasn : Bassist of Good Charlotte

Paul Thomas is popular bassist. He is a bassist in Good Charlotte band. Paul Thomas is amazin he is such a darling and even tho he was knakered he still came over 2 us wednesday morning in nottingham and sed hi he is amazin such a lovely bloke and too right he never gets enough recognision he is such a amazing bass player and such a lovable guy i dont kno where good charlotte would be without him- paul thomas rocks.

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Paul Thomas Photo

Billy Martin : Guitaris of Good Charlotte

This might just be because Good Charlotte is one of my favorite bands, but I totally love Billy. He doesn't really have a signature hat, but his eyes and ever changing hair make up for all of that. Oh, and did I mention he's hilariously funny. Billy Martin of Good Charlotte is ready. His wife Linzi is pregnant and he knows that her late night cravings will be coming soon. He is ready to get them.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dean Butterworth, Drummer of Good Charlotte

Profile :
Full Name : Dean Butterworth
Birth of Date : September 26, 1966 (1966-09-26) (age 42)
Birth of Place : Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England
Music Genre : Pop punk,Alternative rock,Post-hardcore,Gothic rock, Folk rock
Occupation: Musician, Drummer
Instrument : drums

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Dean "Deano" Butterworth, he was born on September 26,1966, in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England. He is a professional drummer.Dean Butterworth He joined the Innocent Criminals in February 1997, at the end of the Fight For Your Mind tour. He made his debut appearance on drums in a private show at the Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA. He played drums the albums The Will To Live (1997) and Burn To Shine (1999). He appears on Live From Mars (2001). He left the band after a last concert at the RIMAC Field, UCSD, La Jolla, CA, May 28, 2001.Dean Butterworth also co-wrote the beautiful song She's Only Happy In the Sun with Ben Harper (they wrote it within about ten hours, a night in Cleveland, said Harper). The song appears on the album Diamonds On The Inside, 2003.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Benji Madden Biograhy

Profle :
Full Name : Benjamin Levi Combs
Date of Birth : March 11, 1979
Birth of Place : Waldorf, Maryland, U.S.
Music Genre : Pop punk, Alternative rock
Occupation : Guitarist, backup vocalist
Instrument : Guitar
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Brief Biography :
Benjamin "Benji" Madden was born in Waldorf, Maryland to a working class Irish-American family. He has an identical twin brother, Joel Madden, who sings lead in the band Good Charlotte. He has an older brother named Josh, who helps design their DCMA Collective clothing line. Madden also has a younger sister, Sarah, who was in a band called Her Daily Obsession. Madden attended La Plata High School in La Plata, Maryland. When he was sixteen years old his father, Roger Combs, left the family causing them financial hardship. Madden took up various odd jobs as a teenager to help with the family's bills. While in his early twenties, Madden changed his last name from Combs, his father's name, to his mother's maiden name, Madden. He did so to distance himself from his father, against whom he holds a strong grudge.
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Joel Madden : Good Charlotte Band Profile and Pictures

Profile :
Full Name : Joel Reuben Combs
Birth of Date : March 11, 1979
Birth of Place : Waldorf, Maryland, U.S.
Genre Music : Alternative rock, pop punk
Occupation : Musician, vocalist, songwriter, guitarist
Instrument : Vocals, guitar

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Joel Madden or Joel Reuben Combs,he was born on March 11, 1979. he is an American singer and the lead vocalist for the band Good Charlotte.Good Charlotte twin vocalist Joel Madden has been named the newest UNICEF Go dwill Ambassador.The announcement was made over the weekend on the CNN show The Survival Project: One Child at a Time, which Joel Madden and fellow ambassador Lucy Liu appeared in.Madden first got involved with UNICEF volunteering for the TAP Project, a campaign ensuring access to clean tap water to millions of people all over the world.

Good Charlotte : The Pop-Punk Band


The East Coast post-grunge/pop-punk quartet Good Charlotte is just barely distinctive from the likes of corporate alternative rockers blink-182 and Third Eye Blind, but the fresh faces comprising this quintet from Waldorf, MD, first started off in 1996, practically shy of strumming a chord. Vocalist Joel Madden and his identical twin brother, guitarist Benji, who never sang or played an instrument in their lives, were instantly inspired to form a band after seeing the Beastie Boys on their 1995 Ill Communication tour. They soon formed Good Charlotte with high school chums Paul Thomas (bass) and Aaron Escolopio (drums); Billy Martin (guitar) was added later. They all had a passion for the energetic elements spawned from '70s punk rock, but they were also sentimental enough for the killer ballads found in mainstream corporate rock.
Quickly, Good Charlotte made a name for itself in and around the D.C. area, playing the WHFS annual rock show HFSFestival in 1998 and 1999. A year later, the band issued its spunky self-titled debut on Epic, and the song "Little Things" made minor waves. The Madden brothers scored a gig as MTV VJs and soon were all over the network's late-night rock show All Things Rock. This promotion helped the band's profile greatly, and they spent time behind the scenes writing songs for their sophomore album. Escolopio left the group to join Wakefield prior to recording, so Josh Freese filled in behind the drum kit; Chris Wilson would later replace him permanently. By the fall of 2002, Good Charlotte was ready to release The Young and the Hopeless and their fans were ready. Singles "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and "Anthem" catapulted the band into the mainstream in 2003 and eventually drove the album into triple-platinum sales; shared dates with New Found Glory for the third annual Honda Civic Tour were equally successful.
In 2004, Good Charlotte returned with The Chronicles of Life and Death, which hit number three on the Billboard charts, but failed to sell as well as the band's previous album. Wilson exited the band in mid-2005, citing health reasons, and later went on to join the Summer Obsession. Dean Butterworth (who had previously drummed for Morrissey, among others) joined up in time for sessions for the crew's fourth album, which were held in Vancouver and away from the Madden-loving paparazzi (especially Joel and his then-girlfriend Hilary Duff). The much more varied Good Morning Revival appeared in late March 2007, spearheaded by the single "The River," which featured M. Shadows and Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, All Music Guide
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