Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Republic Band from United State

OneRepublic is a band from the United States. The band is headquartered in Colorado Springs, United States. This band genre Pop rock, rock, soul rock, and rock piano. This band was founded in 2002. Members amounted to 5 people is Ryan Tedder on vocals, Zach Filkins on guitar and backing vocals, Eddie Fisher on drums, Brent Kutzle on bass, and Drew Brown on guitar. His first album was released in 2007 named is Dreaming Out ​​Loud.

In 2009 the Group band OneRepublic seems back teeth with a single release titled "All Right Moves" from his new album, titled 'Waking Up'. The new single is expected to follow the success of earlier singles OneRepublic titled "Apalogize" which is known to become global hits. The single became number one best-selling download in the United States.