Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bob Bryar : Drummer on My Chemical Romance

Bob Bryar,he was born in Chicago, Illinois, December 31, 1979. He is a drummer My Chemical Romance. Into Bryar My Chemical Romance to replace former drummer Matt Pelissier. Drummer of rock band My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar, filed a lawsuit against his dog trainer over the mysterious death of the drummer’s dog.Daniel Schaffer, the dog trainer, is being accused by Bryar committing breach of contract, fraud and negligence. The dog was returned to Bryar in ashes and did not even know what the cause of death was. Brayer enrolled his dog to Schaffer’s training program that rehabilitate previously abused rescue dogs. Schaffer informed Bryar that some drunk driver hit the truck where the dogs were and Dixie, Bryar’s dog, was one of them.

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