Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman : The Offspring Band

Kevin Wasserman (born February 4, 1963), best known by his stage name Noodles,[citation needed] is the lead guitarist and backup vocalist for The Offspring.
Wasserman was born in Los Angeles, California. During the band's early days he worked as an elementary school janitor. Before Smash was released, he promised his boss that he wouldn't quit before the end of the school year, but the surprise success of "Come Out and Play" forced him to work it out. Noodles claims to like the "finer things in life" such as red wine, classical music, cigarettes, and poetry. His favorite poet is the frontman of the band, Dexter Holland who wrote his favorite poem "Cool To Hate" which is also an Offspring song released on the album Ixnay on the Hombre. He occasionally goes snowmobiling and snowboarding in the mountains.

Equipment :
Guitars Noodles generally plays Ibanez guitars, having two signature models, one with a duct tape finish (type NDM1) and another with The Offspring's logo with glasses (type NDM2), and prefers DiMarzio Tone Zone pickups.

In the early days of the Offspring, Noodles played a wider range of guitars, including Fender Telecasters, Ibanez Talman's and Gibson Les Pauls. He also owns other guitar models like Paul Reed Smith guitars, Fender Stratocaster and other Fender models, Jackson guitars and Gibson guitars. In an interview on The Offspring's Greatest Hits DVD, Noodles claimed that he gave his Stratocaster to one of the characters that appeared on the video for "Self Esteem" (from their 1994 classic album, Smash).

Amplifiers Noodles used Mesa/Boogie Mark IV amplifiers with 4x12 cabinets for most records. Since the album Splinter mixed with VHT Classic Lead amplifiers."GC (Guitar Center Interviewer): What do you think of the amp rig you have now? What do you use and why?

"About a year ago, Dexter and I were turned on to VHT amplifiers by our tech, Steve Masi. VHTs are made by a guy named Steve Friette, who used to play guitar in The Dickies. His amps are awesome and add so much to our sound, but we found that we missed a lot of what our Mesa Boogie Mark IVs had to offer, so we run both amps in unison. The sounds we are getting now are huge and still well defined."
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/

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